1. About Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise

About Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise

Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise

In this site, we show around access point of Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise in addition to introduction of sightseeing information and shop information of Middle Shizuoka district.
Connecting to Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet instantly displays information on area stores?so let’s get started touring the shops around Shizuoka while getting an easy info transfusion!

Main contents of SHIZUPASS

  1. We introduce Wi-Fi spot of Middle Shizuoka district
  2. We introduce sightseeing information of Middle Shizuoka district according to genre
  3. We introduce 500 shop information or more of Middle Shizuoka district

Point out Shizuoka-shi public wireless LAN business

External site

〒420-8602 静岡市葵区追手町5番1号

About Yaizu-shi public wireless LAN business

To Yaizu-shi formula HP

〒425-0041 焼津市石津728-2

About Fujieda-shi public wireless LAN business

To Fujieda-shi formula HP

〒426-8722 藤枝市岡出山1-11-1 藤枝市役所 東館4階

About Shimada-shi public wireless LAN business

To Shimada-shi formula HP

島田市行政経営部総務課情報 政策担当
〒427-8501 島田市中央町1-1

Cooperation company, group

  • 静岡市
  • 静岡商工会議所
  • 公益財団法人静岡市まちづくり公社
  • 公益財団法人静岡観光コンベンション協会
  • 特定非営利活動法人静岡情報産業協会
  • 焼津市
  • 藤枝市
  • 島田市