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Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradiseへご質問、ご相談などお気軽にお寄せ下さい。折り返しご連絡させていただきます。お問い合わせ内容によってはお返事に数日のお時間をいただく場合もございます。

※Please note that you cannot cope with inquiry by language except Japanese.

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  • We keep absolutely quiet about secret about personal information firmly.
  • As requisiteness becomes required item, please input by all means.
  • Contact information, please fill in e-mail addresses exactly. Of case that is not accurate and entry when there is not, please note that may not cope.
  • Inquiry of holiday may have time of a few days for answer in Sundays and holidays, the summer, the winter season on Saturday and Sunday.
  • We send answer from us to visitor individual for the purpose of answering inquiry. Please refrain from reprinting all or part of the contents and contents of answer for the purpose of others and being used.
  • It is trouble, but please connect with inquiry form after entry once when even visitor who inquired inquires again.
  • This inquiry form has visitor fill out only for inquiry about usage of SHIZUPASS and publication to this site, advertisement publication. About inquiry of connection method to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi setting, please note that it may be answer that we let pass the Shizuoka City Hall, the Shizuoka chamber of commerce.