1. Application for Wi-Fi setting

Application for Wi-Fi setting

We introduce Wi-Fi into shop and help pulling power up

Does Shizuoka-shi public wireless LAN business "Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise" not participate in?
All the visitors can fix usable Wi-Fi environment if we establish radio access point in shop.
We get heart of smartphone and tablet user particularly tourist and contribute to pulling in customers up! Triggered by the use of Wi-Fi, we can emphasize charm of store, facility and can expect customer creation, too.

Pulling in customers of tourist improves

Shop where there is Wi-Fi connection is very attractive, and, for tourist particularly foreign tourist that Wi-Fi connection becomes matter of life and death, it is for pulling in customers support.

Satisfaction of smartphone tablet user improves

Wi-Fi is excellent at affinity with mobile user such as smartphone tablet! In addition, we are connected by diffusion in SNS by mobile user for pulling in customers more.

We introduce in SHIZUPASS

Shop of radio access point is introduced with precedence on this site. We can send shop information from Wi-Fi spot search and map search.

The Shizuoka chamber of commerce