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[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] "osawa porch cafe" was relation with person and person, "edge" that porch right connected

Small village "Osawa" (osawa) among Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, mountain and tea plantations. It is excellent production center of tea producing famous tea which is high in flavor here. In opportunity to want many people to know tea of Osawa, some private houses of Osawa perform event called "osawa porch cafe" every month on second fourth Sunday. We opened home porch and performed to porch cafe which provided delicious tea and tea cake to visitor whom we visited!

"History of fujinokuni global environment museum" around the past, the present, the future of Shizuoka thorough dissection!

Museum which commentary sentence moderates power of specimen, document daringly carefully in "the history of fujinokuni global environment museum" which renovation does school building of prefectural Shizuoka south high school, and was made, and enjoys "we think" with the staff. It is unique, and classroom and desk, how to use school equipment including chair are fun, too. Way of display is devised very much, and joy to know new thing while being excited is felt. We pick up state in hall full of such senses of fun!

Excavation start of Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower! With visit of the excavation spot, let's go round places of Prince Ieyasu connection

Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa who became influential figure four years later after opening the Edo Shogunate, and came back to shunfu. Sunpu-jo Castle castle tower understands that it was scale to exceed Edo-jo Castle. Investigation full of history romance to excavate castle tower buried among the underground for a long time is start in August, 2016. As visit of the excavation spot is possible, it merges with place of Prince Ieyasu connection in Shizuoka-shi and will trace trace of Prince Ieyasu.

Absorption in bowl seafood in port, Shimizu port where tuna gathers most in Japan!

Port of Shimizu that half of tuna consumed in the country is landed. Let alone the good-quality sheath freshness, rare parts such as head meat or hoho meat are sold, too. In "city of the Shimizu Uo market bank of a river," seafood gourmet excellent at the freshness can enjoy including tuna. As there is "♪ Shimizu Port tuna ticket (http://www.dream-ferry.co.jp/shimizu-maguro/) smoothly", we utilize by all means, and, in addition to daily ticket of water bus and route bus, advantageous ticket with meal ticket in sightseeing facility use ticket and partner shop will enjoy bay area of Shimizu.

Popular characters of Shizuoka gather; ...!

The stage of national popular animation "Chibi Maruko-chan" former Shimizu-shi (existing Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi). In addition, in Shizuoka-shi, production of model and plastic models is prosperous as "town of hobby", and there is the world only plastic model of Gundam production factory in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi. In addition, call out by all means if you see their figure filled with hometown love as Shizuoka-shi needs individual character of local coherence.

Thyme skids to the Edo era! Nostalgic Maruko & Utsunoya walk

It is approximately 20 minutes by car from JR Shizuoka Station. Place that former Tokaido goes, and still leaves remains of the Edo era. "Utsunoya" that it was difficult place outstanding of Tokaido, and was described in many literary works "Maruko" who it was opened in the Kamakura era, and prospered as the 20th post town from Nihonbashi. The history will take a walk through narrow path full while thinking about people who ever went along this way.

Fresh that has just finished being produced! We enjoy taste of fresh fruit in farm cafe

"Farm cafe" which various fruit farmhouses are in Shizuoka-shi blessed with warm climate, and conveys the taste directly is popularity. From familiar strawberry to fruit "Jabuticaba coming across for the first time," let's thoroughly enjoy fresh and young, juicy taste. We should be surprised at natural sweetness and acidity, the taste that material itself has.

"New former name place of "we are waiting for" Shizuoka enjoyment!" Route

It is central city area of Shizuoka-shi "to be waiting for". It is area where the highlight was condensed within the range of foot that underpass follows towards the north from JR Shizuoka Station, and mall, department store link the eaves. We pick up such a famous place where we want to drop in at by all means if waiting come to Shizuoka. From place related to Ieyasu Tokugawa to superb view spot, Shizuoka Oden, "this will thoroughly enjoy Shizuoka!".

In downtown in the suburbs. Recommended art spot that wants to be visited in Shizuoka-shi

It is recommendation that touch art work when we want to change time and daily life and feeling to have time a little. From urban art museum of Shizuoka Station direct connection to art object which art museum, street nestling in quiet residential area are dotted with. We look forward to changing display contents by coming time in art museum. Visiting towns, we will appreciate art at will.

Mount Fuji is the very front! Superb view hiking & mini-mountain climbing

For person to be Mount Fuji to see from many places of Shizuoka-shi, but to want to thoroughly enjoy superb view in point where we arrived at through hardships that wants to see scenery of large scale more, hiking and mini-mountain climbing are recommendation. As for the figure of Mount Fuji to see earlier which they walked with one's foot, both impression and sense of accomplishment are much more. From simple hiking close to parking lot to mountain climbing course of the Abe depths, we show around secret Fujimi point in Shizuoka-shi.

Fresh pichipichi! Seafood only in production center tasting sakura shrimp & whitebait, season

Port of Shimizu is famous, but, in fact, speaking of fishing port in Shizuoka-shi, noted product only in here is unloaded in small fishing port in the east and west. Let's enjoy taste excellent at sakura shrimp of Yui Port, whitebait, the freshness of Mochimune Port at production center.

Lunch is bar at cheap candy shop, night. Way of enjoying of local gourmet "Shizuoka Oden"

Speaking of local gourmet of Shizuoka-shi "Shizuoka Oden." Seoul foods of Shizuoka citizen got close to as a substitute for snacks in cheap candy people at night at oden person and bar of bystreet regardless of dish nito, season at noon. We show around characteristic and way of enjoying Shizuoka Oden.

"We can enjoy in Shizuoka downtown! Three selections of much-talked-about ramen restaurants

National staple which became world "ramen" now. In Shizuoka-shi, new shop opens one after another and must keep an eye on other than ramen fan. Pork bones soy sauce, miso, seafood system…From nado, various ramen restaurant, we pick up three much-talked-about shops. As far as convenience of access called less than 15 minutes on foot is all nice from JR Shizuoka Station or Shizuoka Railway Shin-Shizuoka Station, too.

Enjoy a local popular secret feature! Stylish area, three selections of Takajou.

It is a 10-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station. Falconer (takajo) whom stylish item and discerning foods are even on.
Unit shop that sense is good for small area for approximately two hours even if it turns around slowly is town of popularity for row, local person. The place name comes from that falconer (job breeding hawk) who served Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa lived. We pick up three stores that can enjoy charm of Japan in such an area.

"Superb view! It is enjoyment course by the history and culture

"Nihondaira" which is just located at way point of Shimizu-ku with Shizuoka-shi center of commerce and Miho no Matsubara and fishing port. In hill country of 307m above sea level overlooking Gulf of Suruga, view of Mount Fuji is splendid, too. A lot of highlight including "Nihondaira hotel" where garden of the best part opens in front "Nihondaira ropeway" expecting Gulf of national treasure "Mt. Kuno Toshogu" of Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa connection and very large Suruga under eyes.

As for "this, it is Shizuoka! Sweets full of tea! Three selections"

Shizuoka that is famous as tea-growing district. We can watch scenery that deep-blue tea plantation spreads through at each site in prefecture. In late years store specializing in tea including processed tea company and tea wholesale dealer deals with sweets restaurant or cafe, and even form of sweets something again including ice and parfait which we fully used tea of Shizuoka for can enjoy tea. In the middle of town walk, we pick up three stores to be able to drop in at casually.

It is not only the material! Reason why sushi of Shizuoka to hear in well-established sushi restaurant is delicious

There are several conditions to make sushi delicious. It is the sushi material to be the most important. But it is not only it. It is natural for the material to be good. We will pay attention to supporting role concerning sushi. Reason why sushi of Shizuoka is delicious is hidden there.

"We go by water bus! World heritage & noted product tuna enjoyment!" Course

The sightseeing area where the highlight, noted products gathered tightly inside where around port of Shimizu in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi was surrounded around by Miho Peninsula by a train from JR Shizuoka Station for approximately 12 minutes of popularity. World's cultural heritage "Mount Fuji" merging "Miho no Matsubara" registered for the constitution assets, and being able to see only in here! Including specialty tuna, more than 30 stores gather restaurants that can enjoy fresh fish.

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